Appointments Information

Do I need an appointment?

At Lillies we believe the search for the perfect Bridal gown should be the most special shopping experience you will ever have. We offer all of our brides a one-to-one consultation, so to ensure every customer has the best service, we highly recommend you make an appointment before visiting us. On days when we are open 'by appointment only' then an appointment should be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Saturday appointments are the most popular, so book early if this is your preferred day.

We try our best to accommodate brides who visit us without an appointment however we do give priority to those who have booked in advance.

How long will my appointment last?

Our Bridal Consulations usually last 1-1½ hours.

What happens at my appointment?

On arrival you will be greeted by a member of staff who will show you to your fitting area and offer you refreshments. Your assistant will explain how the dresses are laid out in the shop and then allow you to browse our collections in private. We generally advise customers to find their favourite 4 or 5 dresses to try first. This is not exhuastive of the dresses you can try, but it helps your assistant to identify key aspects of dresses that you like in order to help choose more styles which may suit you.

When you have had time to browse your assistant will help you try on each of your chosen gowns. She will then guide you to the right style for your body shape and suggest a few more gowns for you to try, because it is often a gown you have not considered that turns out to be 'the one'.

If you find 'the one' then your assistant will be able to guide you through the paperwork needed to place an order and advise on how much payment is needed at the time. Please read our 'freequently asked questions' page to find out what happens after you have placed an order with us.

Who can I bring with me?

We recommend that you bring a maximum of 2 people with you to your first consultation. The more people there are, the more opinions you will receive, which can cloud your judgement. The most important opinion is yours!

We don't recommend bringing babies or toddlers to your appointments. Bridal shops are very boring places for little people, and trying to keep them entertained whilst you try on gowns can be difficult, particularly as you will be with us for a couple of hours. If it is essential that any children attend your appointments then we do advise that there is an adult (other than the bride) to supervise them in the store at all times.

What should I wear?

Just come in your usual clothing. You do not need specialist underwear to choose your dress, but we do ask that you wear some underwear. It is not essential that you remove your bra to try on dresses, but you can do so if you wish as they often look and feel better without one.

Please do not use fake tans of any kind for 3 days prior to your appointment. This includes gradual tans, such as Johnson's holiday skin. Tanning products transfer to the gowns and stain the fabric, so you would be liable for cleaning charges.

We appreciate that most people don't leave the house without their makeup on. We kindly ask that you do not come for consulation heavily made up. Makeup can rub off onto the dresses so please do not be offended if your assistant asks you to remove it prior to trying on dresses. We also ask that you remove jewellry to avoid snagging the fabric of the bridal gowns.

What sizes are your samples?

We carry a wide selection of sizes in bridal gowns, between a 12 and 26, however most of the dresses can be ordered in sizes 6-32. Bridal shopping is unlike shopping on the high street, we don't carry every dress in every size. You should expect to try dresses that are sometimes a little too big or too small.

Bridesmaid Appointments

Bridesmaid appointments are recommended so that we can reserve fitting rooms for you. It would be a shame to arrange everything with your bridesmaids, only to arrive and find that there are no fitting rooms available for you to try on the dresses.

Whilst some brides bring all of their bridesmaids with them straight away. We recommend that you make an inital selection, perhaps with your mum or chief bridesmaid. That way you can offer your bridesmaids a choice of 3 dresses you have already pre-selected, or even just bring them along to see the dress you have decided upon. This ensures that you get what you want - afterall it is your day! It will also give you an opportunity to take your time considering colours.