When should I start looking?

We suggest eight months to a year before your wedding. Most dresses take 13-16 weeks to be delivered, and to allow plenty of time for fittings and the un-forseen, you should be placing your order at least 6-7 months in advance of your wedding date.

I haven't got much time, can I still get a dress?

All dresses are available ‘off the peg’ in the sizes/colours as seen in store - these dresses are our samples and may have been tried on by other brides. Alternatively most companies offer express services at an extra charge (and at their approval). If time is very restricted we can check stock of specific styles and sizes by calling the suppliers.

How do I place an order?

To order a dress simply come into store. You may want to try the dress on again before commiting to paperwork, so it is advisable to book an appointment to reserve a fitting room and a member of staff.

If your wedding is more than 6 months away then to secure an order and protect yourself from any future price increases, we require a 20% deposit.

By 6 months prior to your wedding or event we require the full deposit of 50%. It is also at this time that we will take measurements to decide the correct size to order.

The balance of your order will be required before the alterations are started on the dress.

When will my dress arrive?

We aim for dresses to arrive in store 6-8 weeks before your wedding/event. This avoids items being stored for long periods unneccesarily. You will be contacted as soon as your dress arrives, so that we can arrange your fittings for alterations.

What if I change size?

Standard alterations are included and allow for a slight change in size.

If you intend to loose weight for your wedding we advise that you do so before your measurements are taken. That way you are not under pressure to loose weight to fit into a dress. Customers will be advised by our seamstress as to what size we recommend ordering - using the customers measurements and the suppliers size charts. If customers wish to order a different size to that which is recommended at the time of being measured then we cannot accept liability for the dress not fitting correctly (for example, if the customer thinks they may loose a significant amount of weight between the date of measurements and the date of the wedding)

You usually need a larger size in bridal and bridesmaid dresses than the size you would usually wear. This is nothing to worry about.

Flowergirl dress sizes are always discussed with you, and we make allowance for growth.

When will I know to come for measurements?

We will contact you to remind you one month before you are needed for measurements. This gives you time to arrange a convenienct appointment, or to arrange a suitable time for bridesmaids.

My bridesmaids don't live locally?

I can’t get my bridesmaids here to be measured? – Own measurements can be used, but must be signed for and we cannot take responsibility for incorrect sizing. We have recently been able to do fittings via Skype, however we would only use this method in exceptional circumstances and as a last resort.

My bridesmaids don’t live locally, do they have to have fittings?

Yes, nearly all dresses need some alteration. We do not accept responsibility for poor fitting dresses if the person is not available for fittings. Once alterations have been done the dresses will need to be retried prior to the wedding, allowing time for further alterations if required.

If it is very difficult for your bridesmaids to travel for fittings, we may be able to offer a same day service. This would mean that your bridesmaid would come for her first fitting in the morning and her second fitting in the afternoon. This type of service needs to be arranged in advance, and will not usually be available on a Saturday.

Can you do fittings at late notice?

Yes alterations can usually be done within a few days - we do not advise leaving fittings until the last minute, unless there is no other option.

Are there any additional charges?

Standard alterations are free with non-sale dresses, but there are additional charges for longer/shorter length and for plus sizes on bridal and bridesmaids dresses. Any additional changes to dresses, for example, additional beading or non-standard modifications are quoted on request by our seamstress.

Do you offer a cleaning & boxing service?

Yes!  We offer bridal cleaning from £50 (for lightweight gowns/grecian styles) and the price will vary depending on the size/style of gown and the amount of dirt/damage involoved.  We always recommend cleaning gowns as soon as possible after your wedding day to give the best possible chance of any stains being removed.  

If you require a box for your gown, to store it long term or for travel abroad we have three sizes of box in store to suit most sizes of dress.  

For dress cleaning quotes we always need to see the gown in store, to check the work involved.  To book your appointment for a cleaning quote please ring us on 01623 550990.